#WhatIWantNow: Chiara Ferragni Glitzernde Lipstick Loafers!

Last night Brookie was over and I had insomnia/”she won’t let me sleep” when I came across these beau-ti-ful Chiara Ferragni Glitzernde Lipstick loafers that I think Jesus specifically kept me up to see!  😀


I’m so dang on in love with loafers, these glittered loafers would be a perfect addition to my arsenal. So much so that I’ve already put outfits together in my head about how I would rock them socially and at work! LOL The funny thing, ever couple of month I go on a “budget” and with a recent “disaster” on the home front… I can’t force myself to do it. But how dope would I look in these as an OOTD? The all gray errthang trend is spot on for this season. I NEED it NOW!


I need this Helmet Lang blazer in my life something serious! Those Theory leather pants cost a pretty penny as well. Caviar taste, ramen noodle budget! But they do make for a great winter outfit idea!! I’m going to start one of those fundraisers and ask people to donate to the Tori Shopping Habit fund. I mean it is the season for giving. Y’all think it will work? LMAO