Fashion Meets Function: iBag “Smartbag” Stops You from Overspending!

I have a friend who is a shopaholic, well actually I have several but that’s not the point LOL, when I came across iBag I thought “OMG, she needs this!”


I was excited to learn might release the iBag soon. A prototype carryall that locks you out if it believes you’re going to splurge. The Arduino-powered bag automatically shuts tight at those times you’re most likely to shop. 🙂  Additionally, it uses GPS to warn you when you get too close to favorite stores; ignore the alert and it will both record when you take out your wallet as well as send a text message to a trusted partner. So basically it would be hard to lie to your husband about buying that new dress! lol. iBag is primarily a publicity stunt meant to highlight the dangers of credit card debt, but it might become a reality. The site is asking potential customers to register their interest, and it may sell both men’s and women’s versions of the bag for $199 AUD ($173 US) .

Check out this video for more information on iBag.

I’m really interested in seeing it this makes it to the market. Would you buy it?