Ways Mariano’s Grocery Store Chicago Makes Shopping an Experience!


Grocery shopping has never been called fun, at least for me! It’s a headache trying to find fresh produce at the right price all at the same store! For quick grabs I usually go during lunch and for large “trips” I usually go late at night when most people are finished! Of all the grocery stores that I have been in with chicago bakeries and delis I must say that Mariano’s has trumped them all turning grocery shopping from a chore to an amazing experience!


In this one store you can get a cup of coffee, snack on Gelato, sample cheese and pizza, grab a bottle of wine after sampling, or have shrimp grilled while you wait! Much more than what I can say for other chicago deli. Here are some ways Mariano’s experience is bar none!

Dinner Made Easy with Mariano’s!

After work I always harp about cooking dinner because I’m tired from working aka I’m lazy LOL! Mariano’s clears my confusion about what’s for dinner. I can stop by the hot food bar or the grill and have them make us some chicken sandwiches, or I can grab some burgers from deli and have them cooked on the grill!



Nice Gesture? Mariano’s Got You Covered!

I was raised in a household where “the thought” mattered more than “cost!” To this day it’s the code by which I live. Randomly my fiance and I will show up with a “thought” for each other or I will go do this with my friends. Mariano’s has SO many options for making someone feel special. Whether it’s a Velvet Cupcake for the sweet tooth or a 5 foot rose to say “I love you” it is available. Think about love as you buy animal crackers! LOL



Health Conscious Eaters Have Options!

This year I changed my eating habits and begun eating more conscious, it’s been hard! I found during my visit to Mariano’s they have a lot of options. For instance, there is a dietitian available for you to chat with to get insight on what is best for you! They have “stations” where samples of healthy snacks and food options are available. The aisles are clearly marked where you can pinpoint things that would be of interest to you. Even the meal deals include healthy options like Teriyaki Salmon, Sauteed Veggies, and Roasted Red Potatoes!


Mariano’s has so much to offer! I visited Mariano’s latest store in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village on Chicago and Damen (2021 W Chicago Ave.). They definitely have made me switch them my lunch “go-to” spot! But don’t just take my words for it. Check out the rest of the pictures I snapped below, follow Mariano’s on Facebook and Twitter, find the closest Mariano’s to you and FALL IN LOVE WITH GROCERY SHOPPING!

Ways Mariano’s Fresh Market Makes Grocery Shopping Fun!

  • Alicia

    As a busy mom of three, I find the healthy dinner offerings amazing! This is how grocery stories should be! #client