Tumbleweed’s Move Over: Tori is back to Blogging! LOL

The month of April I have been pretty quiet on the blogging side and I do have a very good explanation… I’m lazy! LOLOLOL


Seriously! I have been busy with work and home. I think I’m allowed to have a life outside of the interwebs! The weekend before last I travelled to Dallas thanks to LG for NCAA festitivities and ALL set to go with post about my experience and what they did. I was even going to do a video!

Then Monday I came down with Stomach virus! Din din din!

For 4 days I became a slave to my bed and the bathroom! I’d been planning a trip to Madrid for an extended weekend trip so I knew I HAD to nurse myself back to health because I could not miss out on Madrid! I indeed made the flight and now that I’m back home I’m ready to jump back on it!!!


I have a back log of SmartHome post, Fashion OOTDs, and quirky videos that will be going up over the next 2 weeks. If you missed me.. “i’m sawry” I will do better!!!

Y’all miss me?