TrakDot Luggage Tracker Finally Shipping!

Remember that luggage tracking device I told you about after CES? Well it has finally been released and you can get your hands on it.  Trakdot Luggage just started shipping a few days ago and I’m uber excited.

If you remember, this little box auto-transmits its location via quad-band GSM chip and triangulation, letting you know where your Giuseppe’s and deodorant are at all the time! LMBO. Trakdot is priced at $50, including a luggage tag and batteries. There is also a $9 activation charge and $13 for the annual service fee. I’m TOTALLY up for paying for this because you know airlines be trying it and will lose your luggage in a heartbeat. I travel with 2 bag all the time (shoes/camera and stuff I don’t care about losing :-)) for that reason! LOL


How does TrakDot work?

According to TrakDot‘s site [toggle state=”open” ]The same accelerometer technologies used to put Trakdot™ in sleep mode before aircraft flight, also sense the sustained deceleration of the aircraft as the pilot uses brakes and thrust reversers on the ground to rapidly slow the aircraft after it touches-down. When Trakdot™ is “re-awakened” on the ground, it finds and employs the local cellular network to contact the Trakdot™ owner and report its position. A sample SMS Text Message to the owner would be: Your Trakdot [ ID ] is in Reagan National Airport, Washington, D.C.[/toggle]

I’m hoping Jesus see fits for me to receive this, I have several trips coming up and this would be handy. Would you purchase the TrakDot? How safe do you feel with your luggage? 

  • terezbaskin

    This sounds really cool!