Top Trends Spotted at #CES2014!

Fresh from the enormous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where there are a hosts the cutting edge in technology, parties, and geeks everywhere. Here are my top trends from the press conferences, show room floor, and various events/parties!  😀

Curved TVs

CES 2014 was the year of curved TVs with major brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG Electronics vying for spots at the top with the “first curved” or “largest curved”. I got a glimpse at both the LG and Samsung 105′ inch curved UHD TVs and must say they were quite impressive. Samsung has yet to release prices for this line, but the LG curved Ultra HD TV is coming in at a whopping $69,999.

Samsung plans to launch an 85-inch bendable TV, revealed at the press conference,  and 105-inch curved TV in the U.S. later this year.

Explosion of Wearable Tech


This year there was an explosion of wearable tech from arm candy that dials to cameras that are added to your necklace for streaming to your social media channels. Ever the car industry is getting involved with BMW collaborating with Samsung on the Galaxy Gear watch to bring you an app that gives you a ton of options.

Other major news includes Intel announcing a collaboration with Barneys, CFDA to bring smart technology to the fashion industry. One of which being a smart bracelet that with be in opening ceremony. No word yet on what this bracelet is or how it will connect, but I am still excited!

Smartphones and Smart Homes!


As a homeowner I was very interested in seeing what was on the market for consumers to make their homes safer and easier to connect. I did not have to look far. Long time home brands like Kwikset, Honeywell, Schlage, and Chamblin showcase their lasted bluetooth and WIFI enabled products that let you open the door with an app or turn down the heat from a distance.

Other newcomers like DropCam and Goji Smart Lock offer consumers the option to take pictures as well as unlock doors. I’m most excited about Goji because it reminds me of my Nest.

Connected Cars


Audi, Chevy, Toyota, and Ford had major announcements for their new “smart cars”. For instance, Toyota showed the world their new 3 wheel Tron-like car of the future. At a smooth 5 million a piece they give the option for single driver to cart around the city. BMW also gave attendees that chance to test drive the electric vehicle around the convention center.


Other innovative connected cars include Chevy’s 2015 new sleeky designed Impala and Corvette that comes 4g LTE provided by AT&T where the car serves as a WIFI hotspot!

Tablets Galore – 2 in 1 and Multitask Devices

Tablets were at over the place at CES 2014. Two of my favorite include the Lenovo ThinkPad 8 (pictured above) and Samsung Note Pro. At Samsung press conference Monday they announced the Galaxy Tab Pro, the next generation of the Galaxy Tab that features the ability to run multiple apps from the home screen. Alos including a magazine format that users page through to find the content they want. The Galaxy Pro Tab comes in a 12.2”, 10” and 8” size.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad 8 came in 2 on The Verge’s Best Tablets for CES 2014, even though technically speaking it’s a tablet which is the genius of it. Lenovo got really innovated with the tabbed smart cover shipping with 2.4GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor.