This Little Blogger is Going to #SXSW 2013!

Deciding to go to events like SXSW, CES, MBFW are always a struggle for me! I see a pattern where I’m always on the fence about whether I should go or whether I should stay home. I tend to wait until the last minute to say… ok I’m up in there!! LMAO Fortunately I have a GREAT supporting cast that includes my personal banker/spouse, who almost got killed for attempting to talk to me during Scandal last night HAHA and friends who love me.. y’all know who!


Anywho, I’m going to be “all up in those Austin streets” doing geek things with all my friends! YES GAWD NESSA *funky Dineva voice. Hitting the town strictly for Interactive, I’ll be there starting Friday March 8th. If you have never heard of South by Southwest it’s a 10-day music, film, and interactive-technology festival that each year draws over 200,000 people — fans and journalists alike — to Austin, Texas. Last year Jay-Z graced Austin with his presence for this event. Check out the infographic below that has more information.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve with a couple of companies, and with their help I’m looking to bring you a wide variety of coverage from the parties, to the sessions, back to the parties! 😀

Stay updated.

There will be a live blog here SXSW that will be your “one-stop shop” if you are not big on twitter, facebook, etc. You can also check out the SXSW category in the navigation menu to check out all the articles. Otherwise, check out the happenings in social media.


Impact of SXSW & Why You Should Go!