Responsive Themes: What They Are and Why We Need Them!

For years I was hesitant to start a blog, even with friends like Jaye from Curvatude pushing me, because as a person who can design and someone who works in IT I just knew it had to look a certain way. I often rant on twitter about how I visit sites and get mad with people who do not consider that the design aspect is important when creating blogs. With people using their smartphones to do practically everything now, having theme that can “go mobile” is a must. That’s why responsive themes are your new BFFs!

At BWB, check out my recap if you have not already, one of the topics covered was getting your blog “mobile ready”. What I realized after that session is most bloggers are not tech savvy, which means they are reaching out to web designers and relying solely on their opinion. So I decided to write up this post so when you are talking to your developer or picking out a wordpress theme from you will know what to choose.

What are Responsive Themes?

In simple terms, a responsive web design uses “media queries” to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen. For example, if you are reading this post from you desktop, resize your browser. You will notice the site resizes with you. In this “Post PC” era where people are connecting to websites from tablets and phones its incredibly important to make sure your readers are getting the same experience they would from the desktop. In 2013 responsive themes have gained a lot of traction with mega sites like Mashable, Sony, and even Microsoft all switched to this design, with many more following suit.

How Responsive Themes Look?

You are here, so you are looking at a responsive theme. But, since I’m nice like that:-D, I have taken screen shots of my site of 3 different platforms (tablet, smartphone, and desktop) You can see the difference in how the site renders, but the site theme stays the same. Why lose your identity and have that boring “wp-touch” mobile page!!! No shade, I promise! lol


Glasses and Glitter from Desktop


Glasses and Glitter from iPad


Glasses and Glitter from Smartphone (iPhone5 or HTC One)

For your information, I do not recommend Mobile Conduit to build your mobile site. They can get expensive and you will be capped at the number of people that can visit your site. When you start growing and traffic gets bigger, this will be a costly expense and Jesus said it ain’t worth it!

So the next time you are up for a blog redesign, make sure you ask your designer for a responsive theme. If they don’t know what a responsive theme is, run! LOL No really don’t run, just tell them you want your site responsive! HAHA

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  • This is definitely something I am going to look into when I redesign my blog because that WP mobile stuff is OOOOOGLY! Great tip Tori!

  • I never thought about this, but a responsive theme is great. I may or may not have spent a couple of minutes playing around with my browser size “oohing” &”aahing” over your responsive theme LOL