Style Inspiration: Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas!

Hi, My name is Tori. It’s Thanksgiving eve and I don’t have anything to wear! LMAO

I’ve been so busy at work I was lazy and didn’t go shopping so I’m JUST now getting around to this today. Since I don’t have much time I’ll be relying on some things that are ready in my closet and a few things that I have to go purchase! Here’s what I came up with.


Denim shirts are easy… because they can be dressed up or down to fit the style you are looking to make work. How could you go wrong with a blazer…it just ain’t possible! LOL

What are you wearing for thanksgiving? I need some Thanksgiving outfit ideas. If you have some post for me as well, leave the link in the comments.. at this point I need all the inspiration I can get! 😎

  • Comfy clothes since I’ll be in doors most of the day. Might do some shopping too. 😀

  • LA Lynn’s

    No ma’am… That’s too jazzy!!! Imma be comfy cause I’m gone get my EAT on!!!! Lol!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Chica!!!!

  • Well, I would’ve liked to have been a bit cuter than I was but unfortunately my fitness journey has not quite taken off like I thought it would so I ended up in leggings and a sweater tunic. Still okay. LOL!!!

    • Tori

      LOL. Ain’t nothing wrong with leggings..

  • Ashley

    I’ll be in my relax clothes, sweats and sweat shirt, I usually dress up on special occasions, red dress with black heels are always nice!

  • Wow this is an interesting look, a variety of textures.