Sponsored: #ItCanWait During the 100 Deadliest Days!!!

Texting while driving is an epidemic that’s effecting both teens and adults. I’m one of the guilty ones.  Teens and their propensity for texting and “fresh” driving skills are a huge part of the problem. A recent AT&T survey shows business commuters know texting while driving is unsafe, but they still engage in these behaviors. For that reason, big brands AT&TVerizonT-Mobile and Sprint are collaborating for the first time ever to bring awareness to “texting while driving” during the “100 Deadliest Days” this summer.  May until September are the target months for this campaign and JESUS said he wants you to take a stand and take the ItCanWait pledge.

Today people are texting more than ever so this definitely something that needs to be tackle. Check out this infographic for information

For more information and stats please go to ItCanWait.com and for Jesus sake STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING! LOL