Never Get Locked Out Again: Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock Review!

Admittedly, I might be a tad bit forgetful. Earlier this year I was locked out my house because I left my house/garage keys in car, which happened to be locked inside the garage. Do not judge me! I was able to go to my neighbors house and wait on my spouse to come home. That is a thing of the past now with Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock!


Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock is Good!

Design and Use

The exterior of the Touchscreen Deadbolt has a refined and efficient look. It comes in two styles and a number of different styles to cater to w hide array of consumer taste. The keypad is large, with backlit numbers, and the fingerprint-resistant touchscreen works both when wet and while we were wearing gloves. I found it very easy to use.

Day to day the the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt makes using the front door so easy. It includes a key cylinder but to be honest I never use it. I couldn’t even tell you where the key was located! Using a 4 digit key code seems so much smart than searching through my purse for a key. ZWave connectivity has an auto lock option that make it really convenient to be forgetful!


I don’t use the ZWave app or the auto-lock feature. I already have enough apps and my husband says I’m turning the house into a big brother controlled home. Also, the auto-lock feature locks automatically after 30 seconds, regardless of whether the door is closed or not. It’s not worth it to me!


If you are in the market for a smart lock, the Schlage Connect is a top choice. Depending on style and finish you can find the lock on Amazon or at home improvement stores currently for $170 to $180. I wish it offered Bluetooth or NFC activation through a smartphone (so those looking for a more hands-free experience may be disappointed). However it’s right up there with the most secure smart locks you can buy.

What do you think about touchscreen locks for your home?