“Scandal-ous” Gadgets: Olivia Pope’s ‘Go-To’ Devices!

If you are on my twitter stream on Thursday evening, you should know I have a great love for Scandal. If you read my blog regularly you know I love me some gadgets! What do you get when you mix a techie and a Scandal lover? You get someone who sat down to recorded a video on the “5 Gadgets Olivia Pope Uses Daily” to get the job done! LMAO

Scandal Gadgets

Its pretty hilarious if I must say so myself! I personally use a portable charger each day as I typically have 2-3 phones on me on any given day and one of the phones is an iPhone. Although we have a great love for iPhones, unfortunately the battery is not as good as say a Samsung phone.. so the portable battery is a must!

I am just waiting to see Olivia with some wearable tech. I thought for sure we would see her with one of the watches that have hit the market in the past year. There have even been a few more fashionable watches released, like this fashionable watch debuted at mobile world congress that I could totally see Liv wearing with her Prada bag and houndtooth’s jackets in Vermont! LOL

Need Gadget Guidance? I can be your Huck! LOL

Here are some post that I think will be helpful to you picking out the perfect gadget for your lifestyle!

Do you have any of Liv’s gadgets? Does that make you feel scandalous? LOL 

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