Samsung WB200 Camera Holiday Giveaway!


Yesterday I decided to go on a cleaning spree and came across a TON of stuff that I never use and therefore need to get rid of since it’s taking up space in my house! Since it is the season for giving, Jesus told me wanted to giveaway this Samsung WB200 camera that I received months back via a Collective Bias shop. I have several different cameras which include Nikon D5100, Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100, and a compact Canon that I’ve been meaning to give to one of my nephews for a while now! LOL Makes sense to bless someone else.


I know it’s rather late to start a giveaway, but hey… better late than never. Over the next week I will be holding random giveaways for the stuff I found, make sure you stay tuned. All products will be shipped Dec 21st.

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  • Khadijah Red

    I love the Samsung brand! This would be a great blogger’s gift for me or any of my blogging friends!

  • Kelleashia Tyus

    I dont text and drive but I think it should be laws in every state to prohibit others! This will save lives

  • Nesca Crespo

    My blog posts are just filled with some terrible pictures that i am forced to take with my Ipod…it would be such a blessing to actually have a nice camera to take pictures with. GL to everyone and GL to me..and yes Jesus did tell me to try and win this lol

  • Katherine

    I’d love to go around downtown and take pictures of all of the Revolutionary and Civil War era architecture. My town has a hugely historical past.

  • Stephanie Dickerson

    I am starting to dedicate myself more to blogging, so this would be perfect to capture some great pictures to use for future posts.

  • kelawalker

    i really want this camera and have been stalking it for a year. Pretty please can I have it. Brooklyn would want me to have it!

  • Jay

    I’d take pics of the kids!

  • ginette4

    I would take tons of pictures of my family and all of our get togethers

  • Yes! Jesus guided me right over here! lol I need a point and shoot that HAS Wi-fi. I need an on the go camera for everyday pics.

  • Miss Noni Cavaliere

    This would be great for my photo travel blog: City Girl Treks. Plus most things Samsung are completely awesome.

  • I need a better quality camera. It looks like it would fit the bill!

  • Travis Faulkner

    All sorts of baby pics. I say that but it would probably be all work

  • beautyschoolscArlet

    I am ready to win and claim my prize…Jesus said so 🙂

  • Keyonda Pyles

    Wow. A great camera. Entered the giveaway and I hope I win=)

  • stephanieann

    I’d love to take pics of my road trips with friends!!
    yes he did!

  • Roni

    I’m a blogger and mom…so I would use this camera all the time!

  • OMG – I am thinking of all the wonderful pictures I can take with this – truth be told – I would actually love to give this to my daughter – she loves to take pictures!

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  • K Roberts

    I’d take pictures of my hair and sunsets