Samsung S5 + Samsung NX30 + Wedding = Great Instagram Photo!

Kim and Kanye spent 4 days working on the “Most Liked Instagram Photo” that features there wedding kiss. Now that’s dedication that I don’t have, chilleee! It took my about 30 minutes to set my own record with the help of my Samsung S5, Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera, and my wedding I was able to get 183 likes on instagram. That’s a win for me! LOL

June 7, 2014

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How My Gadgets Helped with Great Quality Picture for Social Media!

In case you did not know, I’m a Samsung Imagelogger, and have been using the Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera for quite some time! I planned to announce to social media on Sunday after we’d had a chance enjoy the entire day Saturday. Since it was an elopement that very few people new about I knew the picture that went out to social media had to be attention grabbing.

I ordered these speech bubble chalkboards on Etsy for my blog anniversary party last October but never used them. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put them to use. Using the NX30 with 85mm lens my friend snapped a few shots.

We both liked different shots so he posted the one below! lol


Using the Samsung Smart Camera App on my Samsung S5, that AT&T was nice enough to let me use, I was able to transfer the pictures from my NX30 to post instantly on Instagram. When transferring I did lose some of the resolution, the size was now 866KB and the resolution is 1616×1080 down from 5472×3648 on camera, however the picture quality is MUCH better than any of the latest gadgets or mobile phones out could deliver.

I was extremely happy with all of the shots that were taken with this camera. I am forever indebted to Jess Anderson, fellow imagelogger who sent the 85mm lens, and my friend Steve Burton who snapped them!!

  • You know I’m not techy at all but I am going to go see about one of these in the store. Mirror less seems like the way to go only next camera purchase that I pray will occur before the end of the year!

    • It’s definitely worth it. I can say it’s not as sharp as a DSLR, but you can definitely get away with it!

  • Love love love these pics, and I need hat camera. Tis all.