For the Home: Samsung Launches New Washer and Dryer 9000 at #CES2014

Let me start by saying I currently have newer model Samsung Washer and Dryer that I love! However, I am one of these people who does 30,000 things once a week on “wash day” I’m always mad when I head down to the basement and the clothes are not finished rinsing or they are not finished drying I get mad. This year at CES 2014 my goal was to find Smart Washers and Dryers, I was not disappointed!

Samsung announces 9000 large capacity Washer and Dryer!


At the Samsung Press conference the 9000 series was announced and brought out for all us media/bloggers folks. I literally shouted with excitement over the fact I can watch a King size down comforter with ease. This washer can also complete a full load in 30 minutes! 30 minutes. One more time, 30 minutes! LOL


Check out this video which will give much more information that I could write out.

I’m ssoooo excited! Jesus wanted me to have this. I am currently getting my house redone because of water damage, so I might be able to get this in order if Jesus and the Samsung God would reach down for me! LOL