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Review: Findables iPhone5 Case!

Looking for an iPhone case that has it’s own app? Do you frequently leave your phone? Is networking one of your favorite “hobbies”? Findables is a new case that is placing heavy emphasis on the QR code for social sharing. I was provided the Findable case to review and I must say I really like it.


For the most part QR codes have not taken over the world, even thought most mobile devices have the ability to scan then via third party apps. Findables case aims to increase this use by placing a QR code on each of the plastic cases to decrease the amount of business cards you have to buy and increase the odds of you finding your lost phone.

The Findables app, downloadable in the iTunes store, gives you the option to setup 3 different profiles to be shared with the person scanning the code. Essentially your case can now take the place of your business card, while at the same time offering people the opportunity to reach out to you if they find your phone after you left in on the bench at the park! LOL

When someone scans the code, they’ll see one of three profiles (chosen by you via a companion app or the Findables Web site): Business, Social, or Lost. Here’s is what my business profile looks like.


The case is available for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3 and 4, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S3. Color options vary from one model to another, but mostly they’re in the pastel family. I’m currently testing this teal and gray case. This hard plastic case thin and unassuming and puts me in the mind of Speck’s Candy Shell. The phone and iPad versions sell for $29.95, while the Smart Cover-equipped Mini edition runs $49.95.

As a networker and a techie, this is great option for me. It protects my phone and gives me the option to carry less paper around. However, considering that most people are not tech savvy or don’t use QR code, is this cute case enough you make you switch?

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  • Fractionista

    I like the idea for the business card function, but I truly don’t lose my phone any place but around my house!