Regular Chick.

Today I was sitting in my home office flipping through my feedly while on the phone with a friend and made the comment “I wonder how these people look on regular days!” She responded with a snarky “maybe you can be a ‘blogger again’ and create an post” LOL! So on a whim I grabbed my tripod and here it is!

I stopped doing OOTD’s on here because frankly most times I’m a regular chick! These OOTD/style/fashion bloggers be outchea suited and booted! Don’t get me wrong I love fashion, but I got tired of feeling like I had to “murder” each post and afterward couldn’t be seen in my regular clothes. Jesus didn’t want that for my life!!!


I work for a software development firm in downtown Chicago, sometimes I work from home aka I wear jeans almost every day! Sometimes I wear makeup, most times I don’t.  Sometimes I wear heels, most times I don’t.


I have pimples and discoloration on my face. My eczema is usually flared-up in some form or fashion. Sometimes my hair isn’t on point b\c I’ve been riding my bike and it’s time for a trip to my hair stylist. Sometimes I’ve forgotten to get my eye brows arched!



I refuse to get caught up in this online life where people are led to believe their favorite bloggers are “beat” and dressed to the “9s” everyday! It’s like yo, I have 5/6 pair of jeans that are in heavy rotation and I’m a night owl who suffers from insomnia. I’m not waking up 30 extra minutes to paint my face to go sit in a room of coworkers who’s favorite items include cargo shorts, skullies, and flip flops! Nawl. My only must have is Moto 360 watch.



But I’m QUITE HAPPY being a regular chick!!!


I have a good job, a husband, a huge family, and a bunch of friends who love me whether I’m regular or werking!

Now, with all my regular clothes I do have TONs of shoes.. I could literally do a post for 150+ days and wear a different shoe each day. Blame it on late night insomnia!!


Shirt: BCBG | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: ASOS | Ring: Kate Spade | Watch: Moto 360

To all my regular women, I love y’all!! Have a “regular chick” post? Drop me a link!!


  • I love this post! I’m definitely here for us being our regular old selves! Your shoes are so darn cute, BTW.

  • Ha! I’m a regular chick too. I’ve seen some of these fashion bloggers out in NYC and they are dressed like regular chicks too. I don’t have time to play dress up for blog pictures. If I happen to be wearing something photo worthy on a particular day than cool. I need to know what type of camera you shoot with. These pics are dope!

  • This is why I love you!!! I love how “regular” you are and Jesus ain’t got time for all those people that pretend to be something they’re not. I want to steal those shoes too!!!

  • jbwphoto1

    I agree. Once in a while I realize I looked pretty good at work today and snap the pic, but I would be more of an “outfit of the week” type. How about showing us some more shoes?