Recap: Blogging While Brown 2013 #bwbnyc

This past weekend I made the “journey” to New York to join my blogging  friends at the Sixth Annual Blogging While Brown Conference. I was so elated to attended this conference, which was sponsored for me by AT&T. In case you’ve never heard about Blogging While Brown, it’s a conference created to give bloggers of color a chance to meet, mingle, and learn from one another and industry leaders. I was beyond excited to attended.

I really learned a lot while attending Blogging While Brown, from the keynote with Markus Robinson from Black Web 2.0 to session with Luvvie and Scott Hanselman and how to be hilarious! It’s was exceptionally amazing for me to hang with people who made social media connections with via Twitter or Facebook live and in the flesh! LOL

Initially, I thought I was going to recap EVERYTHING I’d learned in a blog post, but that was too much for me Jesus. However, I do love my friends, like “Beggin Mimi”  :lol:, I have created this Blogging While Brown Tidbits storify that is a list of tweets that I think are most beneficial from Saturday’s session. I did not make it on Friday because I was “bumping” with all my NYC friends! LMBO

I did not take a huge amounts of pictures, because I was busy soaking up information and learning so you’ll have to excuse me! HAHA Here are a few flicks that I did manage to take.


My boo Deanna from AT&T PR and the infamously hilarious Scott Hanselmanblogging-while-brown-2013-bwb-bwbny-blogger-conference


We all know that I am a supporter of the AT&T “ItCanWait” Campaign, so it was fun to watch people trying out the simulator and taking the pledge.


Markus Robinson from Black Web 2.0


BrothaTech and Cavaugh giving us tip on how to keepitmovin’ with our blog and make them mobile ready!

blogging-while-brown-2013-bwb-bwbny-blogger-conferenceHonestly, this panel with Angel Laws –, Claire Summers –, Necole Kane –, and Karen Civil – was the highlight of my trip. The candor and honestly from the ladies was absolutely amazing and inspiring. Most people don’t understand blogging or think its a life of glam. It’s so refreshing to hear the “real” from people who are fairly sucessful at it. When I grow up… LOL

If you have never been to BWB it’s something I definitely recommend going at least once. If not learning, then go to network and mingle. Eating soul food at Manna’s with a bunch of bloggers some you know, some you don’t is DEFINITELY worth it! LOL Since BWB 2014 will be back in NYC next year, you might have the opportunity to go! Check out my instagram for more pics and videos of my weekend in NYC!

Will you be at BWB next year?