• DIY: Canvas Wall Art

    DIY: Canvas Wall Art

    A few months ago on a random trip to Hobby Lobby I came across a set of canvases that were fairly in...

  • Never Go “Naked” With Your Smartphone!

    Never Go “Naked” With Your Smartphone!

    Last month when AT&T sent my the Samsung S5 to review I was elated! I had previously read/heard ...

  • Samsung S5 + Samsung NX30 + Wedding = Great Instagram Photo!

    Samsung S5 + Samsung NX30 + Wedding = Great Instagram Photo!

    Kim and Kanye spent 4 days working on the “Most Liked Instagram Photo” that features the...

One Weekend I Fell in Love with LG & Project Fit America!


I have long since stopped letting social media be my diary LOL and very seldom do I get personal on this blog or on my social channels. I’m taking a break from that today to discuss my new found love for LG and it’s work with Project Fit America before and during the NCAA championship in Dallas 2 weekends back. For ... Read More »

HTC One M8 Review


It’s been a year since the last HTC One. When last we wrote about HTC’s flagship phone, there was speculation on how the company might fare with the One, given Samsung was dropping its own upgrade to the Galaxy S line of flagship devices. Particularly of concern was the extravagant budget of something like 13 billion dollars (US) that the ... Read More »

Why is Olivia Pope Using Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone?


Tonight is the season finale of Scandal and I am beyond ready for my soul to be laid out! LOL This video/post has been in the making for weeks and because I’m lazy.. I’m just now posting it! Olivia Pope Uses Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phones in Scandal!! Regardless of how late this post is, it’s VERY true! You will watch ... Read More »

Tumbleweed’s Move Over: Tori is back to Blogging! LOL


The month of April I have been pretty quiet on the blogging side and I do have a very good explanation… I’m lazy! LOLOLOL Seriously! I have been busy with work and home. I think I’m allowed to have a life outside of the interwebs! The weekend before last I travelled to Dallas thanks to LG for NCAA festitivities and ... Read More »