• DIY: Canvas Wall Art

    DIY: Canvas Wall Art

    A few months ago on a random trip to Hobby Lobby I came across a set of canvases that were fairly in...

  • Never Go “Naked” With Your Smartphone!

    Never Go “Naked” With Your Smartphone!

    Last month when AT&T sent my the Samsung S5 to review I was elated! I had previously read/heard ...

  • Samsung S5 + Samsung NX30 + Wedding = Great Instagram Photo!

    Samsung S5 + Samsung NX30 + Wedding = Great Instagram Photo!

    Kim and Kanye spent 4 days working on the “Most Liked Instagram Photo” that features the...

The Transformation of Apple


During Apple’s developer conference this week, many were hoping for the slightest chance to see a hint of the hardware coming later this year. For those that know how Apple works, myself included, they know the chance of that happening was as great as the 76ers winning the NBA Finals this year. However, unaware to the general media, Apple was ... Read More »

Sneaker Swoon: Puma Sky Wedge Reptile Sneaker!


I’ve never been much of a sneaker girl, I was more into cute flats and high heels! In the past 2 years, out of no where, I feel like I have fallen in love with crazy sneakers! Last month Glam Mode Media sent over some PUMAs for me and after that I have been looking at their brand for sneaks. ... Read More »

Manicure Monday: Pinterest NailArt Designs I Need to Try!


Admittedly, I’ve been terrible at doing my nails/manicure monday post for the past couple of months. My creative streak has been put to the side because I’ve been working on and through some personal things that have had my attention. Plus playing with my new camera from Samsung’s ImageLogger program! lol Anywho, here are some nail art design that I ... Read More »