• DIY: Canvas Wall Art

    DIY: Canvas Wall Art

    A few months ago on a random trip to Hobby Lobby I came across a set of canvases that were fairly in...

  • Never Go “Naked” With Your Smartphone!

    Never Go “Naked” With Your Smartphone!

    Last month when AT&T sent my the Samsung S5 to review I was elated! I had previously read/heard ...

  • Samsung S5 + Samsung NX30 + Wedding = Great Instagram Photo!

    Samsung S5 + Samsung NX30 + Wedding = Great Instagram Photo!

    Kim and Kanye spent 4 days working on the “Most Liked Instagram Photo” that features the...

3 Ways #Intel2in1 Helps with Valentine’s Day Planning!


Valentine’s Day is usually a wonderful time for us ladies. One day of the year when appreciation is shown in chocolates, dinner, hotel rooms, and Hallmark cards! LOL For me Valentine’s Day is hard work. I have to pick my outfit, his outfit lol, and decide if I’m going to cook (because Kraft’s Mac and Cheese is the extent of ... Read More »

Lazy Peter Pilotto for Target OOTD!


This is by far the laziest OOTD I’ve ever done LMAO Who gon check me tho! I hate taking picture inside and unfortunately Chicago has been in the negatives most of this tinter so I’ve just been like “forget about it” but I loved this Peter Pilotto for Target Color Block Blazer so much that I had to post something. Everybody ... Read More »

Flappy Bird Demise Brings Out the Vultures on eBay!


I’m not a huge fan of playing games on my phone, I would rather read a book or stalk social media. For that reason, I never downloaded Flappy Bird when my Vine timeline was full of people throwing their phones because they couldn’t get more than 1/2 high score! Pass! When I read about Flappy Bird’s creator taking the app offline ... Read More »

Move over 3D TV, Hello Future! 4K TV Takes over!


While some of the most radical stuff often comes from the scrappy start-ups still scrambling for fame and fortune, companies like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and others like Haier and Vizio are not to be left out.  While a lot of the technology we see from them is more evolutionary than revolutionary, there are always entries into the current market segments ... Read More »