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Where Are You Spring?

I’m losing my mind here in Chicago because the weather does not want to to cooperate. I can’t take it anymore. This time last year it was 85 degrees outside. Why can’t we get a win?!?! I was inspired to do this denim shirt white pants OOTD from Fashionista Next Door’s Style Me Friday. I seen a couple of my bloggers boo partaking in the fun and you know I hate to be left out!


This is my “I’m waiting on you to get here Spring” face! I took these shots it was 10 degrees outside. Luckily my tripod and my remote made this an under 10 minute shoot! Praise Father Jesus!



Yes I’m rocking these Spider Powerforce headphones. They match and look cute, but I was rocking them as earmuffs! LMAO Besides the cold, this outfit choice was definitely a “dozer” for me because I really do not wear white pants anymore. I only own these pair and I didn’t even wear them last summer. I was excited to reintroduce them to my wardrobe rotation!



Jacket: Gap/Thrifted | Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: Michael Kors | Shoes: Lady Daf Christian Louboutin seen here | Lip: MAC Cyber

How y’all liking my fashion? :-D

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During the day Tori is a tech nerd working in IT at a Global Market Research Firm. At night, or while on break at work :D, Tori is the creator/editor at GlassesandGlitter tech/fashion/lifestyle blog. Follow me on Twitter @GlassesNGlitter
  • Baby Shopaholic

    Aww Snap! You did that girl! So happy you have joined the club! I gotta get a remote too or teach P to work the camera!

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

      Thanks gul! LOL I found I’m most happy when I take my own pictures…which is why I brought the remote!

  • http://www.fabellis.com/ FabEllis

    You look so cute! Love it. :)

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

      thank boo!

  • JMillion

    last pic reminds me of Supergirl lol. cute pix though =)

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

      LOL That’s my I’m braving the cold face!

  • http://twitter.com/ciaafrique ciaa

    Thanks for your kind words darling. You look fabulous !

  • Tia Harmon

    We’re having the same issue in Atlanta with the weather :(. Love the way you styled this look!

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

      thank you kindly :D

  • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

    Thanks girlie. I hate it.

  • MissRockwell

    Yas!!! The white with the chambray is so refreshing. Now if we could only get some warm weather!!


    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

      I’m unpatiently waiting! lol

  • MyChicStyle

    Love the look, very cute!

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

      thank you very much!

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