NXMini, Perfect #NYFW Companion!

Fashion Week in New York, NYFW, is just getting off the ground and my social media feeds have been going crazy with updates. I feel like such a lame for not being there, but since AllStar Weekend is also there… on second thought! LOL

As the fashions are released, what’s important for us folks behind these computer screen is good pictures! What better way to “run the town” then with this perfect picture taking companion for runway and streetstyle snapshots!


Being an Imagelogger I get my hands of different cameras and the NXMini is a one of the smallest mirrorless camera on the market with a 1 inch sensor and 20 megapixels. It’s one of those camera that is not quite high end enough to outrageously expenses, but is perfect for casual pocket style photography that happens during fashion week.


Having gone to NYFW myself I can tell you without an ounce of doubt that I would carry this with me over my larger cameras because of it’s size, quality of pictures, and WIFI capabilities. The WIFI capabilities allows you to send pictures to your iPhone or Android phone using an app or send them to email or flickr. I find sending the pictures to phone and then uploading on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter to be the easiest! The tilting screen is perfect for taking selfies with friends who are equally fierce, or if they are not! LOL When I’m heading out to parties it slips very nicely in my clutches and I am able to still get amazing pictures with my friends

Here are a few examples of when I’ve used my NXMini on the go:

Found this pic on my wedding day in my #nxmini. I was cute lol @laurenrossimakeup got me right together. #imagelogger

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The NXMini is one of my favorites and a camera that I always have on me. You can pick it up on Amazon, which is my go to shoppping place because Prime is God sent! LOL

  • Cassie

    such a cute camera! And definitely great quality from the pics you showcased here!