Network Like a Pro: Must Have Apps at Conferences!

Last year before BlogHer conference I wrote 5 Apps to Help You WIN post which included a list of apps that I thought would be helpful. Yesterday while having a spirited conversation with a friend about using Evernote Hello to “network like a pro” I had a “ding” moment and decided that post could use an update. So here we are!

Right before I head off to any conference I do two things: blow up your twitter timelines about the event and make sure I have my apps ready for networking!  On both my iPhone and Android I have folders where the download apps live. Last year I went to 5 or 6 conferences and/or tradeshows and I can say without a doubt I would not have been successful at networking without them.

Must Have Apps when Networking at Conferences!


EverNote Hello

evernote-hello-networking-appThere are several thousand blog post floating around that will tell you how important collecting business cards are to networking and they are absolutely correct! Even in our tech savvy era, they are quickest way to pass contact information and write information down. The tricky part is what to do with all the business cards AFTER you receive them. Evernote Hello is the answer!!

Evernote Hello app allows users to take a snapshot of the business card, or type the information in manually, or in cases when you’ve left your business card at home you can send it over via email or to another Evernote Hello app user. I used this feature last week after scanning a card I received and realizing I did not have one on me. After scanning the business card you can enter notes what will help jog your memory about where you met, such as “met on train headed to BlogHer” or something similar.

Conference Mobile App

Large conferences like CES and BlogHer always release a standard mobile app. The app include schedules, floor plans, contact information for attendees, twitter feeds (hashtag based), and any other relevant conference information. It’s a great hub that where you can plan out your individual schedule while making sure you are aware of any latest updates because you will always have your smartphone on you if you do not have time to look at their website or on twitter.


A solid alternative to Evernote Hello, download Bump. “Bump” contacts quickly when you are without an business card or just to swap information. A few months ago they recently added the ability to send pictures to your computers as well. Imagine you just took a cute group picture that someone wants to post on Instagram or include in blogpost, Bump it!


about-me-networking-appIf you do not have an About.Me page or have not updated it in a while, take a moment to head on over and get up everything setup. About.Me is a optimized and indexed by Google. Great way for people to get a quick overview of who you are or who they are and not get cluttered with blog related “stuff”. It’s also great way to get a creditable link back to you site.

The mobile app gives you the chance to look at profiles on the go. Gives you the ability to familiarize yourself with someone you want to meet or someone you’ve met. Think about how much more appropriable you might be to brand/PR if you took the time to look up what city they were in and made a weather joke that was on point! Just saying.


Jump into the modern world. These days bloggers and PR people are getting tech smart and using QR code as a quick way to pass on information. My business card has a QR Code that takes you right to my About page, learn about my blog before you see my post! LOL Some of the conference apps do included a QRReader, make sure to check for that before leaving out.

Social Network: Twitter/Linked In

This should be obvious but some people overlook needing to have the app on a mobile phone. During a conference, most of the attendees are tweeting and posting pictures, you want to join in on that experience. Even if you are not an avid tweeter, you might need to connect with someone quickly or follow a class you missed out on. Hashtags are your best friend!


What apps do you using when you are attending difference conferences? 

  • Toia B.

    When ordering my last set of business cards (in a HURRY before an event), I SO wanted to add a QR Code but I couldn’t quickly figure out a way to get it on there while still make my cards aesthetically pleasing and keep them somewhat consistent with the previous set. I’m gonna take some time well beforehand to design a new one because I see how amazing it is at getting people to connect with you quickly!

    I have Evernote and hardly use it (bad girl!) but my hubby (a freelance artist) finds it very helpful. I’ma get on that and check out Evernote Hello. Twitter was my go-to at last yr’s BWB. Any points I missed, I was able to catch thru the hashtags. Made a ton of connections thru it as well.

    Great tips!

    • Thanks. You better start using EverNote Hello. I’m not real big on EverNote myself. But when people were still using CardMunch I was all over EverNote Hello!