Manicure Monday: Spring 2013 Trendy Nails


Good Morning beauty and nail friends, Happy Monday! Are you ready for my Manicure Monday nails? I’m back to this week to create nails/design nails that make me feel good after having those “plain janes” last week. :-D

Manicure Monday: Black and White


Well really the design nails are more “black and white” with neon pops of color, but who gon check me? LOL I thought I would create nails that were very different and fun! This was the first time I tried to free hand those “boxes” you see on my ring finger. I was so elated that it came out how I pictured it. Normally I would draw the line first, then add color, then paint over the black line again. Backward yes, results definitely! lol

Design Nails with Sinful Colors!


I recently begin a quest to use other nail polish beside Essie, OPI, etc and I came across Sinful Colors. I absolutely love that nail polish because it I can create nails with it easily because it is not a thick polish, which is death to creating nails. It also does not get old quick! A definite must have for me!

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What’s up with your manicure’s for the week? I want to see them. My blogger boo Ebony of Longing4Length and I are black and white twins this week! lol 

More Monday Manicure with Nails Art

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  • Tori

    Well HAM might not be bad for those people who eat pork! LMAO Thanks Gul!

  • NewYorkStateof MoM

    LAWD! If I EVER attempted this on my own half them colors would be on my fingers instead of the nail! Love this!