Manicure Monday: Time to Wear My Fav OPI Fall Color Again!


Fall is my absolute fav time of the year. I love the rich colors, suit jackets, light leather coats, and scarfs I get to wear everyday. This year has been a bit sucky for a few reasons, but primarily because my skin has been peeling like a rattlesnake! LOL A good exfoliation, my favorite color OPI shade Oxblood, and I’m back feeling like a new woman!

I busted out my Bastille My Heart from last year and I’ve been rocking my little knuckle rings, Kate Spade ‘Mrs’ RingAkira Vine Knuckle rings, because they cover up the skin that is not ready to come off and for that I’m grateful!


As a sidenote, I still have flowers that are in bloom in my yard. This is the prettiest shade of yellow amongst all the shades of orange and brown. I felt like Jesus wanted me to take this picture because they are still there! HAHA


What’s Your Fav Nail Polish Color for the Fall?

  • I actually did an entire blog post about my favorite nail polish colors for fall. If I had to choose one only, I’d say that Sinful Colors’ “Rich in Heart” is my current fave; it’s a deep rich wine shade. OPI’s Oxblood looks nice on you. I might have to add that one to my collection.

    Drea |

    • Oh really, I’ll go look for it. I did one last year of the trends with all shades. Too lazy to do it this year.

      • Yeah, rounding up all the trendy nail polish shades for the season can be tiresome, so I get it.