Manicure Monday: A Girl Just Needed Pampering!

You know usually I give you gals the best in my Manicure Monday‘s meaning I’m at home designing my own nails. Very seldom do I let someone else hook up me up. This week I decided to pamper myself. I headed to my local salon and had them hook me up with this OPI Moonsooner manicure.

manicure-monday-opi-nail-polishEvery once in a while you have to take some time for yourself. I surely did!!!


I’m very picky and I think the lady wanted to kill me after I asked from her to make them look “perfect” but I’m giving her a thumbs up! LMAO


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Manicure Monday: Design Nails with Flowers!

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Check out my nail art when I’m not running the street and have time to design them. They actually look good! LOL

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How often do you just say “forget it” and pamper yourself? Are you feeling this weeks Manicure? I sure am!!!

  • Lynn

    Well, for the record… I think you do a BETTER job than that lady! HAHAHAHA!!!! Don’t mind me… Cute Nails Boo! I have still yet to paint my nails RED I don’t think it will suit me. ~Thanks for linking up sugah!

    • Aww thanks boo!!! All red scares me too, thought I could get away with this reddish-orange

  • Jen (nai1chronic1es)

    Im not a red fan but the undertone of this one I like. Cute! And pampering is a must. I go for the pedicure, I dare not let them fool with my hands. They’d put me out before it was all said and done.

  • NewYorkStateof MoM

    I haven’t worked up the nerve to rock red nails too hard yet, I still feel like I’m not old enough lol. I just remember my mother and grandmother getting their fresh coat for church. Pampering is a MUST at least once in a while, I’m learning this more and more. She did a good job tho, I know my lady wants to kill me because I will make sure she gets those corners LOL.

    • LOL at those corners.

  • Tori I’m the same way! And I haven’t been back in a minute for a professional mani because I kept thinking I can do this better at home…for free! I found a red I LOVE from Revlon that looks awesome on me.

    • I’ll have to try that out!!

  • I love the shape of your nails. I need to go and get that good ole mani pedi treat soon.

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