Manicure Monday: Grand Cayman Orange!

This weekend my friend turned 30 and we were supposed to be in Brazil. Chicago weather hated on us and we didn’t make the flight Friday because of weather delays!!! We spent Saturday eating in Charlotte, at least it was restaurant week! LOL We almost turned around and came back to Chicago. Bummer right! Actually not because we wound up in Grand Cayman and I can’t say it was a bad choice! Lol

Brazil Grand Cayman Orange!



I was a little bummed about not making it to Brazil, but this water! I am not even mad! I can see my feet! LMAO We already have plans to head out to Brazil in the coming months. Hopefully the Polar Vortex won’t hate on us next time!


For those of you in Chicago in the polar vortex, how does it feel? LOL