Manicure Monday: Clear Design Nails are HAWT!!

I frequently search the internet for inspirations on my Manicure Monday, one theme that I’ve seen all over the place is clear manicure or design nails. I hopped on the bad wagon this week and being you a host of clear design nails.

Clear Design Nails

I decided to do a lil ole to my fashion with my nail designed with a “blouse”. Act like it ain’t cute and I might tell Jesus on you! HAHA



Ok so, I’m notorious for not letting my dry and causing smudges. Yesterday I had to hurry and snap these shots because I had “places” to be and only realized when editing these shots that I smudged my nails. Treated my life! LOL Too bad it’s going to be like this all week because with BlogHer kicking off on Tuesday for me I will have no time to do them over!

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What do you think of my Clear Nails? Would you take the plunge? Inquiring minds want to know! lol