5 Things I Do Everytime Lupita Nyong’o is On My Computer Screen!

Lupita Nyong’o Slays EVERYTHING.

There. That’s the end of this blogpost! LOL

Seriously, this lady cannot do anything wrong! I did not watch 12 Years a Slave, I did not watch Passion on the Christ either, thou shall not be judged! LOL So when Lupita first started showing up on the scene a few months back I had no idea who/what/where she came from! Now everytime I’m on the internet, watching an award show, getting gChat picture these series of things happen. Not all in the same order.

1. Scream at Lupita Nyong’o pictures…

With a slew of unladylike words such as “this bish has done it again” “YEESSSSSS BISH” “I need this heaux lipstick” you get my drift! LOL I have a strong love for purple lipstick, really purple anything, so Lupita’s latest feature in Glamour had me screaming something serious! Lupita-Nyongo-Glamour-Magazine-March-2014-3

2. Consider going natural with my hair cut

I cut my hair 3 years ago after years of wearing weave and dealing with eczema in my scalp. I’ve have never regretted the decision to cut it and never want to grow my hair back! Lupita does things like make me want to tell my stylist forget the perm and lets just get my “Nino Brown haircut” going in! Cause she does that! Afrobella gets the goods on her hair in an interview with Teb Gibson.


3. Critique my Skin Regime

I have combination skin with eczema and endo…worst combination ever! It’s a constant struggle to balance my hormones, make sure my skin does not get dry, but does not over saturate the already oily parts. I’ve tried drug store brands and expensive brands…I never win. Lupita makes me wanna go get a facial 3 times a week and exfoliate for hours! LOL It’s blemish and pore free! Jesus blessed her!



4. Go to the Gym!

I’ve gotten lazy in the past year and haven’t worked out as much as I have previously. I have a few pounds to show for it as well. With Beyonce being a size two and Lupita gracing the Red Carpets with her Angela Bassettesque body I’m sitting here like “ma’am get your life together!” The jury is still out on this dress, but her body is impeccable!


5. Wonder how can she top her last look.

Every magazine shoot is amazing and different from the last one. Every red carpet look is different yet still vibrant and breathtaking. Every hair style is rocking amazing yet subtle enough that it does not upset her over all look. She owns everything! Her confidence is remarkable!

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals


NBC's "71st Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals



What’s not to love about this chick?!?!?

  • Lynn

    Listen!!!!!! Hunni chile… Her skin is FLAWLESS!!!! Effortless beauty… O, and I’ve never seen neither of those movies either! Humph! ~No judgement over here! 😉

  • I’ve been obsessing over her for the last month too! Chiiilllleeee…yeeeesssss! I’m trying to grow my hair back out and I’m like dang she makes that brush cut look flawless and that chocolate skin is perfect! (puts down cup of coffee and drinks water)

  • Screaming YES!!! She is gorgeous from head to toe!! I love seeing how much media exposure she’s getting because we don’t normally see women that look like her on our tbs and computer screen.

  • Toia B.

    Girl, not having seen 12 Years a Slave either, I hadn’t the slightest idea exactly who she was at first myself but from my initial sighting, she had me! Gor. Jess. That skin. That body. What CAN’T she wear?! Her stylist hits the mark every single time and her sweet, humble personalty just radiates off the screen in her Jimmy Fallon interview. I can’t with her… I just can’t.

  • my love for lupita began when i saw her in 12 yrs for her talent and i am stoked that she has taken it to another level with her style game…its refreshing

    • She switched her stylist when she started pubing 12 yrs. The first couple shots of her were terrible. She’s really brought it to another level!

  • Yes to everything!!!!! Especially the skin, chile my acne and I hate her! I havne’t seen 12 years yet either. Between Django, The Butler and this I would’ve been oppressed as hell and angry at white people everywhere so I gotta take it slow. lol

    Sidenote: I think you could def rock a natural Nino Brown cut!

  • I thought she was beautiful from the first time she hit the screen in “Seven Years…” I am so glad that everyone else thinks so too.

  • Yes! This woman is everything! She picked up where Lauren Hill left off back in her heyday!