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Look for Less: Olivia Pope Scandal Coats for Fall and Winter 2013!

Scandal is in full swing and as we all knew Olivia Pope fashion’s had been killing us each week on Scandal. It’s Thursday, which means I will not be going out the house this evening, or I will be in by 8:30 because Scandal comes on at 9CST and I GOT TO BE READY! lol Temps here in Chicago has been so “winter ready” that I thought it was time to bring out the winter coat. What better Look for Less fashion inspiration to use then Olivia’s jackets.

Look for Less: Olivia and Her Neutral Coats!


If you come across anyone that tells you there fingers did not hit the web to find out what jacket Olivia Pope was wearing after that first episode of scandal, they are a liar! I’m just saying. This the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 collection was everything. Known for her large of of flowing draped and belted trench, with matching leather gloves, she has been giving great examples to choose from for the chilled weather. I unfortuately do not have goo gobs of money to dump on Burberry jackets that cost in the thousands. I can however spend $250 on a one!


Brands like Oasis and TopShop offer affordable look for less with Ms. Pope’s style with soft gray, plaid long coats, and belts ensembles. I brought the Oasis one, even thought my skin is not here for it. Oh well! LOL

While we on the subject of Scandal, can we discuss this new hair stylist they’ve hired that has Olivia, Abby, and Mellie hair LAID! No more 5 pounds of weave for Liv, and scraggy thin hair for Mellie and Abby. I’m just saying! Have ya’ll noticed this a well?

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  • KiwiTheBeauty

    Girl these coats scream Olivia Pope! I wanted to be her for Halloween, shoot next year! I got to get me an O.Pope Coat!