Lazy Peter Pilotto for Target OOTD!

This is by far the laziest OOTD I’ve ever done LMAO Who gon check me tho! I hate taking picture inside and unfortunately Chicago has been in the negatives most of this tinter so I’ve just been like “forget about it” but I loved this Peter Pilotto for Target Color Block Blazer so much that I had to post something. Everybody know I LOVE my blazers!



Standing in my brand new office I snapped these shots with my leather joggers that you’ve seen here and here. I am not one of those blogger who wears things once and then never seen in it again. When I buy/love something I will wear it over and over and over again… So you are seeing my leather joggers again!!!

I styled this Peter Pilotto blazer very simple with a silver Timex watch, that you can’t see LMAO, and my silver “bone” necklace that I picked up from Chicago’s jewelry row.


I think this might be the first time I shot with my head wrap! I love wearing this to work when I can’t make it to my stylist on time or when it’s extremely cold outside… short hair doesn’t work with Chicago’s wind.

Did you guys get anything from the line?

  • Yeah, I’m so not a headwrap girl. I wanna get in on the fun, but I just don’t think its “me”. I remember the story behind those leather joggers…glad ur getting use out of em after all you went thru to get em.

  • Whitney ‘Nic’ James

    I wear items (and outfits) over again too. During the work week, I have certain items on rotation, lol. Makes life a lot easier!

    Love the blazer! And yes to head-wraps. I stay with one on, or a wig. Lol, I’m too lazy to do my hair in the winter.

  • Love that blazer, I wish I could have seen it in person. I’ve never worn a headwrap, but on these cold mornings I’ve been throwing a scarf over my head & tie it under my chin like a grandma lol

  • I didn’t get anything from this line, but now I wish I had! That jacket is everything!