Latest Trend Obsession: Overalls

As a child my mother always used to say that “fashion is a cycle, in 2-3 years something will be back in style!” and it was not until a few years ago I realized this to be true. This spring 2013 trends have been all over the place with “cycled” fashions, like overalls and gladiator sandals. A couple of years ago I was all over the gladiator trend, this year not so much.

Obsession: Spring Trend Overalls

What I am obsessed with however is the overall trend! Designers sent a plethora of denim overalls down the spring runways, remixed with cool fabrics, colors, and more. While the latest versions are significantly more chic than what we saw in the ’90s, they still remain true to their tomboyish, ultra-comfortable roots.


What I love most about the trend is the versatility and the options available to Dress Up/Dress Down overalls! Suit jackets, flats, high heels, t-shirts, whatever! Everything makes this “country-style” denim look nice!


With this addiction I have, I’ve currently brought a few pair to rock in different ways…Jesus is working on me! LOL

More Spring Fashions!

What do you think about the overall trend? Would you dive in or are you like me with the gladiator shoes…watching from the side line! LOL

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  • I will take that entire look minus overalls! The 2013 versions are looking a lot better though.