Latest Obsession: Oversized Sweaters for Winter!

Chicago winters are brutal. So brutal that the other day I ate Chicken Fajitas with bread because I was out and 10 degrees mean stay in the house! LOL To deal with the winter and still remain fashionable I’ve fallen in love with oversized sweaters.

Oversized Sweater Trend


Oversized sweaters are a girls best friend during the colder months. Gives me the opportunity to wear layers to keep warm and can be worn at the office, for a cocktails, during a weekend errand run, or for a meet-n-greet. The possibilities are endless apparently!

Olivia Palermo, one of my favorite fashionistas, is seen rocking the look with leather pants pairing with other monotone pieces still managing to emit elegance. In this 0 degree temps here in Chicago some Cuddle Duds and leather pants sound rather toasty! LOL

Here a pregnant Kerry Washington is seen in the streets looking like Olivia Pope with this beige colored strategically placed oversized sweater. She was trying to disguise that lil bun in the oven! LOL


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Have you rocked an oversized sweater since the weather changed? I’d love to see it!