Jesus said… Get Leather Sleeves Now!

I’m a huge fan of the leather sleeve trend, clearly from my OOTD post! lol They are so versatile and can be dressed up/down depending on your mood. Jesus wanted me to share this, especially to my fellow northers who are looking for outfit ideas for the winter to remain chic and warm “at the same *** time!” LOL

Here are a few of my favorite jackets from around the web..leather-sleeve-jacket-shirt-fall-2012-zara-military-inspired

Now I don’t cater to men, but one of the funkiest things about this trend is that they can get involved as well. Jay-Z has been seen all of the town looking quite nice.


Some bodies boo would look quite nice in this Marc Jacobs leather sleeve hoodie.. Yup I know someone who would like this! LMAO


  • Hi I’m new to your blog. 🙂 The title of this post got my attn for sure! lol, I was ‘say huh?’. But you don’t really explain more and I don’t wanna laugh if you may be serious…but are you talking a friend named Jesus? Oh, & I totally agree with u on this look – chic and functional.

    • Tori

      LOL. It’s safe to laugh. I have a tendency to rely on Jesus when it’s something that I really want! LMAO