Heels vs Flats: Does Getting Older Equal Comfortable Shoes?

Last weekend while at brunch with a few friends the topic of heels vs flats came up. One of my friends said she only wears wedges or thick heels now, and we were all like “yea me too.” It was a quick discussion that was ended when someone brought up Bill Cosby lol, but the heels vs flats convo stuck with me afterward so much so that I dreamed about it the next evening.

As you get older do comfortable shoes become “sexier?”

In my case this certainly is the truth! Next month I’ll be turning 30, yes I’m only turning 30! LOL This past year I’ve brought a bunch of shoes and most have been flats. When I turned 28 I switched jobs and almost stopped wearing heels to work immediately. Prior to switching jobs, 6 years, I wore heels at least twice a week, my co workers used to laugh at me crawling under desk to fix network cable in 5 inch heels.


Now I find myself reaching for my favorite pair of Steve Madden black Espadrilles and leaving my uncomfortable tall Louboutin daffodiles to collect dust in the closet.



I remember reading online that Beyonce started wearing flats after having Baby Blue and how it was such a change for her. Now while I’m nobody’s momma yet, but I think I hit a stage where I got tired of having my feet hurt after 3 hours on the town and decided to wear cute but comfortable shoes. Hell, I even switched out of heels into gymshoes for my wedding! LOL

Don’t get me wrong.. I will still wear my high heels, just not so often. If you look at some of my older post you can see a clear progression from “up to down”




Flats OOTD

What do you think? Have you transitioned into flats or has your transition been the other way around?

  • jbwphoto1

    15 years ago (has it really been that long), I changed from a government working with the public job to inside a call center on the phone and computer job. I went from heels and dresses to sneaks and jeans for daily wear. I kind of hate it, so I’m making a conscious effort to al least wear dress slacks and some heels to work now. However, because of going from never in high heels to wearing them again, I am investing in different types of Dr. Scholl’s inserts to start.

  • Debbie Mason

    I have transitioned to flatsville and wedgeworld with no hesitation. I love a good flat shoe, and with my weight not being what it used to be, low shoes are my (read: back, knees, ankles…) friend. Heck, sometimes shoes are TOO flat and I’ve gotta add in some support to smooth it out.
    Nothing wrong with moving on, especially when you *can* go back to your heels. I envy you.