Guilty Pleasure: Red Velvet Pancakes! #OurProject52


ISO: 1600 | 30mm | f/2.8 | 1/50 | NX30

Guilty Pleasure: I’m greedy! I love food!

If you follow me on Instagram you know I am always posting pictures of food, like this donut I posted yesterday. A while back I had the very unpleasant misfortunate of speaking with my doctor and a naturopath who told me I need to eat “as healthy as possible” to curb a few of my issues. 😐 I did it for 8/9 months straight.  I was skinny, had tons of energy, my body was ON POINT, and I was miserable as hell cause I couldn’t eat any of the good things!

Needless to say, I’ve fell of the wagon and years later I have the 20 lbs to prove it. With all the tummy aches and supplements I have to take to curb the issue I never can resist a good meal whether is out at a restaurant or cooking at home!

Food Photography Tip: Level with your plate. “Over the top” pictures are nice, but need phenomenal lighting. When in dark spaces, creating angles by leveling with food will always work.

Part of being back on the “blogging wagon” means I do things like link up with my friend Mimi of LipglossandBinky and her friend of Everyday EyeCandy to support their Project 52.


What’s your Guilty Pleasure?

  • Those pancakes look so good! Have you heard about the Red Velvet Oreos?

    Thanks for the photography tip. I tried getting a good pic of some beef and broccoli I made the other day and couldn’t get it right. It makes so much sense to get down to the level of your plate instead taking the shot from above. No matter what I did my pic kept coming out yellow and slightly blurred.

  • The pancakes look delicious! What did you top them with? I can’t decide if it’s some type of icing or a candy. Maybe that’s because of the lighting?

  • Wow, these pancakes look delicious too. Great photo by the way.

  • Red velvet pancakes! Why have I not done that. I just saw something about red velvet waffles too on tv a couple days ago. I think its a sign I need to try them!

  • Baby Teems

    I like red velvet anything. And yes, you gotta get people all up in your plate when you take a picture of your food. “You know you want some of this!” Lol

  • Yes to red velvet. YES YES YES! Have you seen that they will have red velvet Oreo cookies out soon? Great Photo!

    • Thanks. Yup I have. Trying to get Luvvie to give me some of the ones I KNOW she’s going to get for pubing them! LOL

  • I couldn’t find red velvet pancakes around these parts but did luck up on some red velvet waffles. Yes LAAAAWWWWWDDDD!!

  • YUMMY!!!!!!!