Guest Post: Wearing Makeup with Glasses!

Post written by Sylvia Orsini

After years of enduring childhood taunting for my specs, I’m finally having the last laugh – glasses are in! They’re trendy to the point that people with 20/20 vision are now sporting frames to look cool and play up the popular “geek chic” look. With more and more of my friends ditching their contacts, pulling out the reading glasses and donning frames for fun, I have been asked multiple times about what makeup tips I have for those who wear glasses.


When doing my eye makeup, I reflect on what kind of frames I’ll be sporting that day. While I like to display a subtly smoky eye when I know I’ll be wearing my semi-rimless reading glasses a lot, I like to dust peachy shadow on my lids and wear brown eyeliner when I wear my thicker frames to avoid there being too much dark heaviness. A must for both looks is clump-free, curling mascara in order to make my peepers really pop. Also, when applying eyeliner or shadow, pay more attention to the outer corners of your eyes and the lower lids than you would otherwise, as this is the part of the eye that will not be obstructed by the rims. If you have colored frames, avoid the temptation to match your lip color or eye shadow to the hue and, instead, reflect on what tones will flatteringly contrast to give your stare to provide some extra oomph.

Because glasses can magnify the region around your eye and cast a shadow, make sure you keep your gaze looking bright. I like to apply a nude or white eyeliner to the waterline to provide a subtle appearance of being awake, as well as concealer underneath my lower lids to brighten the area (it is crucial that you thoroughly blend). Plus, you can’t go wrong with a sexy bold lip, especially when you are wearing thicker, more masculine frames.


A clean brow is vital to making any look appear polished, and this fact only increases when you wear glasses. The presence of specs will draw attention to your brows, so it is important to keep them well-groomed, and consider utilizing a pencil or a brow brush to keep your shape neat. Also, a little shimmer on the brow bone will highlight the sexy arch to give the aura of tasteful seductiveness.

When applying makeup, I like to leave my glasses right beside me so I can occasionally put them on throughout the process. While I personally do this because applying cosmetics with blurred vision doesn’t seem wise, this is also recommended so you can determine how your look is going to complement the frames instead of being disappointed when you add the specs as a finishing touch. If I was to give one last piece of advice, it would be to have fun! Beauty is about self-expression, so experiment to see what  various looks fit you like a glove.

If you wear glasses, how do you wear your makeup?

  • Dana Vento

    my one child loves when we have to choose new glasses:)

    • I hated my glasses as a kid, kudos to him! lol

  • thanks for the tips never thought about it this way

    • I thought they were really good tips as well! Thanks for commenting!

  • Your lipstick color is bomb!

    • Thank gul! lol

  • since i do not like the idea of putting anything in my eyes, i have never worn contacts, so my and my four eyes have been a thang for years and my makeup pretty much consists of gold liner along the upper lash line and lots of mascara.

    when i am going to extra mile, i will add other colors to my main color scheme and keep it moving.

  • C Michelle

    Love your lip color!


    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  • Jake Olson

    a good read indeed, but i think when you are doing eyemake up, you need rimless or lighter frames to expose your make up when wearing glasses
    check they have couple of light frames as well.