Tech Tidbit: Google+ Matters for SEO!!

I’ve been doing some cleaning up around Glasses and Glitter, trying to figure out why my site is not well ranking in Google. Last week haphazardly I figured out one of my main issues and from there I’ve been on a mission to fix. Some of you may know I’m an avid reader, and a few weeks back I picked up a copy FREE Google: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketing book and I was damnnnn I been doing this wrong!!! Like Really!!

Previously I’d been giving alot of my attention to Facebook and Twitter, because they are easier, my friends are there, and Google Plus is kinda the place where people go because they “have to” not because they want to! LOL However in this book I learned a number of not well known principles for Google’s SEO and how Google Plus is a must have to rank!

Here are my 5 top reasons:


  1. Google Plus content is indexed quicker by Google, it will gain page rank and therefore end up in Google searches. Since 2/3 of the searches in US take place in Google, you need to be there.
  2. Google Plus post have longevity. Majority of tweets have a “shelf life” of 14 minutes. Google Plus stays indefinitely and some post can still rank over a year after being orignally posted.
  3. Ever heard of Google Authorship? Google Authorship is tied to content authority. It’s been proved that people are more likely to click on your post if they see your picture. If an author’s post received a plus one, the potential is there to rank higher in Google. Google Authorship and Google Plus will provide great signals to Google for you SEO!
  4. Links from other websites to Google Plus content can PASS PAGE RANK TO THAT LINK!!!
  5. Using a Hashtags on Google Plus connects every post to a search of that hashtags, and can potentially rank for keywords in normal Google searches.

Social signals are becoming the new SEO with Penguin and Panda updates. Why not post and thrive on Google’s own social network. Google Plus is Google!!! 

The screenshot below highlights all the areas of Google+ that need to be completed for optimal SEO benefits. I still have some updating to do, but at least I have the basics down. I had NOTHING before!!! I was just like dang I’m slipping!!


Quick Pointers I Missed!

Dofollow Links

The highlighted area in your profile are dofollow links!! You can have as many as you like, but only in the introduction area, the other links are now marked as nofollow. You can use this to anchor your keywords or just create a link to your blog. Additionally your city and tag line are considered meta data and will help you rank as well. Win Win!

Correctly Linking Post

Your post should be linked in the correct manner, as an attachment NOT IN THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE. If you include the link in the googlebots read it and indexes it. If it is in the body of the “share what’s new” Google will not reco


Because I know Jesus would like me to “give back” more. I am going to host a giveaway to anyone who creates a Google plus page. Check out my next post. It’s called “Pay It Forward.”

In the meantime, am I the only one who was in the dark about this?!?!?!?

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  • beautyschoolscArlet

    Great information!!! I was doing most of this but not everything. When you say don’t put the link in the body of the message, do you mean add it where it says link and not where it says what’s new??? (having a blonde moment…don’t judge me) LOL!!!

    • LOL correct. You should use the “link” section to add the link. Not in What’s new.

  • good post. i knew some of these things but i HATE that Google OWNS us all, so I have refused to bow down to the man but…

    • LOL so now you gots to do it!!

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    Geez I am slipping on the Google + like Id on’t know what to do with it. This is a start. I’ll do better I promise 😉

    • you had better!

  • Great post, ma! I just pinned it.

  • LeSha Brewer

    I absolutely love this post! I revamped my info on my Google+ Page. Check it out if you can 🙂 You’ve helped so much!

    • YYEEESSS I love everything you’ve done!! I need to get on your level!! LOL

  • JMillion

    interesting read. now what if u put the link in the body and also in the link section?

    • only the link in the “introduction” are dofollow. links to your other profiles and contributor to sections are now marked nofollow.

  • Not yet, and that likely won’t happen until more people get involved with it!

  • Very helpful information and I think I was doing some things right, but I will be making some changes after reading this post. Thanks for sharing and I also pinned it too! 🙂

    • Thank you. I felt so dumbfounded that I knew it needed a share! LOL

  • Baby Shopaholic

    Y’all smart folks make too much work for me! I thought I had mine together. I wish it was easy to get pages together. I can’t even fig out how to get to mine.

    • LOL at smart folks.

  • not a problem. Glad I could help

  • you’re very welcome

  • Ana

    I LOVE Google+, but now I have to go and check my page 🙂

  • Whitney ‘Nic’ James

    GREAT info…so helpful. While my Google+ page is together, I need to check it out and make sure it’s up to par. Thanks for sharing!


    • glad it was helpful.

  • Lynn

    Ok, so you got me! I’ve been incorrecty using it! UGH! But I got kind of lost with linking the post… When I get ready to do my next blog post I will have to see about that. Also, I know my Google+ is BLANK it needs deseperate updating! Thanks for sharing; Sharing is Caring! U ROCK!!!!

    • LOL see, you gon learn today!!

  • Ok two questions
    1) when you share from hootsuite, is it correcting linking?

    2) where do you add the css(that they give you), if you’re trying to link your webdite to google?

    3) google comments vs discus?

    • 1. No. Hootsuite includes it in the body of the “whats new” and not as attachement.
      2. Not sure what you mean by CSS, if you mean the google plus link with ?rel=author at the end… you’d link that in your Author bio page.
      3. I use discus, it’s easier. But some people have switched to google comment. Preference right now!

      • Hmmmmm interesting! There are a lot of upsides with hootsuite but a lot of downsides too.

        This is the CSS they keep telling me to add to my homepage : Google+ not too sure where to add it in wordpress. My stylesheet .ccs file?

        Ok, I notice a lot of people are using their comment system now. Just asking.

  • Bernetta

    Just read this post! And I will be working on my google + account later tonight. Thanks so much. I might have some questions later for you though……

  • FancyFrancyFash

    Thanks for this! I don’t see a place to add my work or education though, here is a link to my page for reference

  • Kanae (Pearls and Peacocks)

    Great advice! I’ve just updated mine.

  • shanti

    Created it, now I’m updating it. Love the advice.

  • Jaha Knight

    My Google Plus was completed but I sure did take advantage of the do follow links! Thanks!

    • LOL glad I could help.