Glam Geek: Luxury Emoji Slippers!

I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons I switched from Android to iPhone a few years ago was I wanted to use Emojis. Fast forward 2 years, emojis have been embedded in our communication style. Emojis just got a major upgrade, in my fashion book, thanks to a collaboration between designers Edie Parker and Del Toro.


A bit pricey starting at $300 these “designer” Emoji slippers give way to a recent trend in excessive mainstream symbols, cue the “this could be us or keep calm” tshirts and what not. These slippers are to very similar to the Chiara Ferragni Glitzernde Lipstick Loafers, but with less glam. Althought undoubtedly they will attract your eye the same.




The oxblood color with the wink are my favorite, probably because I use the emoji often! You see they even come with clutches as well. I’m not highlighting them for reasons! LOL I have begun wearing flats a lot since last year and would love to add them to the closet. Because I’m still in the process of redecorating my house I don’t have $340 to donate to the cause. I’m about to go start a kickstarter to fund this “slipper project” LOL

Check out more on the M’Oticons website.

What are your thoughts on the slippers? Do we consider this ‘wearable tech‘ or nah! LOL 

via betabeat

  • kelawalker

    OMG these are so KUTE. you know i want the high maintenance ones, right?
    Those tipsy ones on the actual site are adorbs too- I know a friend or two that would love those

    Kéla Walker