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Giveaway: Nerd Glasses for Helping Yourself!!

This past weekend I learned the importance of SEO and doing it right! In that discovery, I learned that Google Plus Matters and can help you rank in SEO. For that reason, I’ve decided to pay it forward and get people to using or creating their Google Plus Page with this giveaway.

Since I’m a nerd and everyone seems to like my glasses, I thought I’d pass on the “geekness!” You can have your choice of either one of these glasses or all of them. If you win, you decide. You have the option to “pay it forward” and let someone else win another pair. Jesus wants you too!

Missing my boo thang! His momma is a liteweight hater and trying to keep him away from me! I got a trick for her tho *dials Ora Lee phone* </p>
<p><a href=Last night while everyone was sleep I was up in my pjs with a full face of makeup. Why? Cause IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Jesus even told me happy bday!! Lmao

#thatmomentwhen you realize you'd rather chuck the deuces and work from home and it's only 8:45! #nerd glasses and all!! Not #happy about Monday!

Good Luck!!!

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During the day Tori is a tech nerd working in IT at a Global Market Research Firm. At night, or while on break at work :D, Tori is the creator/editor at GlassesandGlitter tech/fashion/lifestyle blog. Follow me on Twitter @GlassesNGlitter
  • http://Missfoodiefab.com/ Miss Foodie Fab

    NOt sure how I would look in these, but they are cute on you.

  • http://www.styleandsway.com/ kestrel ambrose

    I LOVE the digital pixels and the oversized retro ones! P.S. I accidentally linked my personal page instead of my blog page in rafflecopter soooooo: https://plus.google.com/b/103867383132167496961/103867383132167496961/posts

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori

      looking good!! Quick tip, you can anchor your keywords (make words you want to rank for) and link to your site. That will cause SEO to go up!!!

  • http://TheChicSAHM.blogspot.com/ The Chic SAHM

    I love your glasses! We’ve talked before on IG about being blind so I know you feel my struggle, LOL! Would love to win a pair of those frames and I might share the love per Jesus’ request.

  • http://www.coilylocks.com/ Alisha

    I want all 3! But Jesus told me that my tween will probably steal them from me!!! ( -_-)

  • Lynn

    I WANT IT ALL! lol

  • http://www.GoodLooknOut.com/ Marie Young

    Just let me know when you need my shipping address!

  • http://fredafro.blogspot.com/ Freda Fro

    I would like the 2nd pair

  • Juliet

    SInce I live in Chicago, I’m hoping I can find them in a store nearby if I don’t win!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Love the pixel ones! All are cute!