Dear Foursquare, I Just Deleted Your New App!

For the past couple of years I have enjoyed letting the world aka my social media friends, random lurkers, and all the robbers know when I was away from home enjoying  delicious food, at conferences out of town, or sitting in the airport all for the sake of gathering pointless points and badges! That came to a GRINDING halt this past May when Foursquare thought it would be a “grand ole idea” to change the structure of the app and separate check-ins into the new Swarm app! So now I’m supposed to you TWO apps! Nawl, Jesus don’t want that for my life! Foursquare also changed their permissions, remember I said this because I will come back to this shortly.

Foursquare has moved the “checking in” experience to Swarm where theoretically it is the same yet instead of bringing up a menu with a list of nearby locations to choose from, the app defaults to the nearest location. Tapping “change location” brings up the menu of all the nearby locations and the search function. Why I gotta do all that just to check in!?!?! Image being in New York trying to pick out the nearest location…waiting 10 minutes just to find your place! LOL

I’m one of those users who try to give apps “benefit of the doubt” when they make changes, so I figured I’d keep Foursquare for a while because like other so many people would complain and they would turn it back. I’ll even take it a set further and say I realize that businesses need to grow and need to make themselves sustainable for the future but…

Here’s What… Foursquare You ARE NOT Yelp!


I don’t have Yelp cause I don’t care about it. You can’t FORCE me to want the Yelp experience. I don’t care what John said about Starbucks on Lake and Wells, if I wanted to know about it I’d Google it before I went. But that’s just my preference.

Furthermore, the QUICKEST way to get on my “delete now” list is to provide me with unnecessary and unwanted notifications and information. Remember when I said Foursquare changed it permission, well now Foursquare is allowed to send you notifications that pop up on your screen, even when disabled in setting (think of how annoying Tango is) with location information it gave itself permission to access. For instance, I was walking down the street, my phone buzzed, I think I have “action” and it’s really Foursquare telling me about a sale at a coffee shop I was passing!!! WHO ASKED YOU FOR THIS! IN YOUR PERMISSIONS AND INFORMATION GATHERING DID YOU SEE I DON’T DRINK COFFEE!

Delete. Delete. Delete


In parting, if you have Foursquare or Swarm for the sake of Jesus’ and I sanity… please delete now! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday! LMAO