Favorite Summer Nail Design!!

Summer is basically over here in Chicago, and I’m seriously disappointed. Summer did not start for us until mid-June and now were in the high 70s low 80s in August… where they do that at??!?!? I’m strongly considering moving somewhere south where my flip-flops will be out year round! Laughing, but serious! This post is an ole to the “hot weather of summer’s past”  😀 here are some of my favorite nail designs.

1. Pop Art Nail Design

The colors are loud and the nail art is eye grabbing making it scream summer! Completed using all Sally Hansen Nail Polish creating a perfect storm!

Clear nail design has gotten very popular in the past months. I decided to capture my “feelings” with this nail art design. My moms said my nail was showing “too much cleavage” we had a great laugh at that!

Sometimes life getting in the way of writing my blog post and sometimes I have to paint my nails on this go, that’s exactly what happened here. This Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet nail art turned out beautifully. One of the most sought after colors this season, Sally Hansen really brought great coverage and affordable prices together!

Black and White trends have been everywhere in the fashion world. Celebs like Beyonce and Rihanna have been seen with pant suits and dresses giving with black/white life. This nail art was inspired but the black and white trend, I just got a little out of hand! LOL Turned out wonderful I think, but of course I’m bias! LOL

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If you’ve been with me since the beginning, what have been your favorite nail art?

  • Baby Shopaholic

    The pop art is my fave!

    • Yup. Everyone’s fav. I think I like the b/w.

  • Beth

    Really cute ideas! They all look great.

    • why thank you! LOL

  • Allyson Bossie

    My girls would love the pop art! So cute

  • Glitter_and_Gloss

    These are all awesome, but I especially love the pop art!!! <3

    • Seems to be everyone’s favorite! LOL