Fav Fall Color Oxblood – Dress Up, Dress Down


Ugly sounding word for such a hot fall trend.

I would personally like to use the words burgundy, wine, Bordeaux, cranberry, merlot…basically anything besides oxblood. This moody, sexy, slightly more sophisticated red with brown undertones is perfect addition to the “line up”. It can be used to add pops of colors to lips and nails or as a nice statement piece as shoes or a bag. This week’s dress up/dress down features Rich & Skinny Faux Leather Skinny jeans.

Dress Down Oxblood Jeans…

…I’m considering making this is one of my CES 2013 outfits. It’s so functional, yet fabulous. The merlot color can be mixed with most all neutrals like beige, tan, grey which makes it so easy to blend well with items already in the closet.

Dress Up Oxblood Jeans…

…with peplum tops, my other fall fashion trend fav. It provides the “jazz” needed to pull this look together for a late night event. This animal print clutch was just screaming at me to be ‘seen’! So maybe I’ll “same day, same pants, two outfits” these jeans!! Enjoy and ROCK!!