Latest Obsession: Vera Bradley Handbags!

Say hello to my little friend *Scarface voice*

My little friend being the Vera Bradley 100 Handbag in Tutti Frutti.


A few years back at previous work place all the women had Vera Bradley handbags.  I just never got into Vera Bradley except for my uber handy wristlet. I guess because most of them were moms, somewhat older than me, and carried huge bags full of stuff I could not imagine me needing… in my mind I’d sectioned them to the “old women with kids bag” lol

It was not until recently, like in January that I started looking into how huge range of colors and patterns could actually make for a good “pop out bag.” Then I figured out that I, me personally  ;-), don’t need a huge handbag and they have bags that would work for me. Seemed like it was meant to be because while I was at a pre Blogher13 event I connected with their people where we discussed sending me something to review and well…the rest is history.



This bag is small enough for me to get away with not looking like my entire life is in there, but large enough to hold all my gadgets. This is of importance you know!! LOL 3 phones, wallets, lipsticks, glasses, business card holders, hand santizers, and random receipts fit without a glitch. What I really love is that due to the design I did not have to spend tons of time looking and digging. It was all right there!


One of the fashion trends that I noted at MBFW in Feb was the inclusion of mini shoulder bags, this Vera Bradley 100 bag fits nicely into that category. This color is a bit more Spring/Summer, but fortunately Vera Bradley has so many colors and versions that you could get one that would work in any season.

Have you ever head of Vera Bradley before? If so, has your perception changed?

  • I love my Vera Bradley wristlet, but I’ve never really been into their bags either. However, I love the print of yours! Kind of makes me want to go buy one…

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one! 😀

  • Lynn

    Never own the actual bag but I swear by the wallet & I have some VB flip flops! But let’s talk about that skirt! Über Cute!

    • LOL check out the more info on it in the OOTD post.

  • esluka

    I LOVE the colors in that purse! Looks like it would store a lot of my ‘crap’ easily! I’d love to have this bag!

  • Donna Chambers

    OMGosh. I live in Indiana and Vera Bradley is sooooo huge here. They have a factory sale here every year and these women go cray over them. I have a few that I use for Overnight bags or knitting bags. (Yeah, knitting. Lol.) But the wristlets are dope! 😉

  • I have TONS of Vera Bradley bags…TONS! My mom is obsessed with them so every occasion (birthdays, Mother’s Day) she ususally buys me a bag, so I blame it all on her!

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