Exploring Chicago with Chloe, My Bike!

I fell in love with bike riding early 2014. I thought it would be a great way to see the City of Chicago from a different perspective because until I purchased the bike I was most often only in my car! I bought Chloe late last summer and did not get to ride her much as I wanted because fall hit like a hammer!!

But this Spring/Summer Chloe and I have traveled the city. She was named Chloe after my instagram followers got mad at me for calling her Bertha. In my defense, Bertha IS a reliable name and since the bike is like my bff.. !! LOL Anywho, as I was saying Chloe and I have been riding all over the city enjoying the sometimes good weather, always good food, and general ambience of the city!


I’ve gotten super excited about riding in general, but riding to different places that I’ve never seen before is one of the biggest joys of my day. When it’s 69 degrees in July I get pissed b\c it’s too windy and too chilly to ride! LOL There’s something to be said about riding and having the wind “kiss your face” while you take notice of things that you’d most likely miss behind the car window.

Chicago is architecturally beautiful!!

I find myself riding past places and going back with my camera to capture the new sculptures I came across! As is the case with the next two pictures where quick trips ended up in me doubling back to capture what I thought might look great!

Around Chicago

Around Chicago

Sometimes I don’t have the “big” camera, usually when I’m on a “mission” or headed to lunch, my flicks come from my iPhone and end up on Instagram.

Rode Bertha to Near North side for these tacos. #foodporn #foodphotography #imagelogger

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Most of these pictures are from Chicago’s downtown area but I just started a flickr album specially to post pictures from everywhere I’ve explored in the city. I’ll be updating with old pictures and with new ones I take in the days to come.

How to find Chloe and Me…

  • Best place – Instagram. It’s my default! LOL
  • Flickr – Will have more photos and more concise place to look
  • Facebook/Twitter – because I’m there too, just not as often!

How about you? Do you ever explore your city? Have a bike?

  • The first time I rented bikes in Chicago, I knew I wouldn’t ever visit during the summer without one. Zooming past the downtown traffic, exercise that’s fun plus doing something different? What’s not to love? Cute name for your bike too, hey Chloé!

  • Seems like biking is a great way to get to know a city. Can’t wait so see the other things you discover in Chicago, and other cities. The pics look amazing!

  • Amazing pictures. Can’t wait to come visit Chicago and see the sights!

  • Rod Scott

    Definitely makes me want to do the same in my hometown.

  • I haven’t rode a bike in ages. Good exercise I hear though

  • jbwphoto1

    While taking a black and white photography class as an undergrad, someone did one of the semester projects where they “followed” their bike all around campus. The best shot by far was when the bike showed up in the middle of a reflecting pool.