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DIY: Canvas Wall Art

A few months ago on a random trip to Hobby Lobby I came across a set of canvases that were fairly inexpensive. Yes I brought them with for no reason! LOL

I thought maybe I could do something with them in the future since I was , so I brought them here and there they sat for almost 6 months. On the long July 4th holiday weekend I decided to add some color to my kitchen area and what better way to kill two birds with one stone: clear mental space and use the canvases to DIY Wall Art in my bare kitchen.





1. Figure out a game plan. Some people sketch scaled pictures on paper. I’m a visual person, so I usually just squint my eyes and get to work. In my mind, squinting my eyes helps me visualize the pattern better! LOL I had no idea what each one of these painting were going to look like when I started.

2. Prepare Canvas. If the background for the painting will be white, you can skip this step as it has already been painted/primed. If you are looking for different color background I would suggest painting 2/3 times and letting dry before moving forward allowing about 20 minutes between each coat.

3. Lay Tape. I was going for structured lines and even spaces so I ripped two small pieces of tapes to ensure my spacing was correct, but the tape pretty much stayed where it was placed. Make sure you secure the tape by pressing after all pieces have been laid. This is necessary to lessen the amount of bleeding.


4. Begin Painting. This is the easy part. For the first coat I used a sponge brush to spread the paint quickly and evenly. On the second coat I used a flat brush to decrease the amount streaks shown in the paint. Initially I was only going to use yellow, but my husband suggested I match something else. I mixed a little yellow and blue and viola we have turquoise! LOL

5. Allow Time to Dry, Then Paint Another Coat. Second and third coat are recommended for maximum cover of color. You want to make sure the paint is dry between each coat because otherwise it will spread around the paint, which is pointless.


6. Remove Tape. Slowly. In the case there is paint that is wet, you can ruin it if you snatch off the tape.

7. Clear Up any Spillage with Background Paint. Clearly I know about number 6 people I definitely ripped off the tape and had a few issues. I was able to remedy that with some white paint and a smaller paint brush. Cleaned up the edge just fine.


They turned out gorgeous, in my opinion! LOL


Share some on your DIY wall art projects! I love a good inspiration!