Comed’s Icebox Derby: Driving in STEM for Chicago Young Girls!


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting up with Comed people behind an S.T.E.M program known as the “Icebox Derby” and a bunch amazing young ladies.

Comed paired 6 groups of 13 to 18 year old girls and a recycled refrigerator. With a ton of imagination and determination these young ladies created amazing “derby cars.” They competed in ComEd’s first annual Icebox Derby! The Icebox Derby gives each participant a chance to explore opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) via an innovative and creative competition – the building of full-operational electric racecars using recycled refrigerators.

I had the chance to stop by the workshop before the race, which happened Saturday August 15th, and was amazed at what the ladies had accomplished so far.



I also got the chance to chat with Kayla of MotorPads team, who was there with her mother and also actually approached her mother about joining. Her mom, who happens to be a teacher was elated and encouraged.


The geek in me was ever so excited to see these young ladies working hard in a field that is often predominantly male. Having a love for STEM at such a tender age is sure to prove to be a good thing for their sure fire amazing career. This video on Comed’s IceBox Derby site warmed my heart.

If you know a young girl who is between the ages for 13 to 18, make sure they sign up next year!!! Encouraging STEM is definitely a must for me!  For more information make sure you check out the link above.

  • Tot Kelly

    This is so freaking cool!!!!

  • Jerry Lenza

    My daughter was a participant. Great event and many thanks to ComEd for sponsoring The Icebox Derby!