Gadget You Should Use: Chamberlain MyQ Garage Opener!

Last month I did something I thought I’d NEVER do… I decided to drive my old car for a couple of months to save some money!! Cryface!! Driving my college car actually hasn’t been that bad, but I know this won’t last long! LOL Because my car doesn’t come equipped with a garage door opener I knew I needed to get something new and what better time than to use my Chamberlain MYQ that I’d received last year at CES!


Chamberlain’s MyQ Garage Opener works with existing systems and is one of the most affordable garage openers I’ve seen. The setup is also super easy, it only took a year of begging my husband to set it up and finally needing it for me to realize this! lol

Priced at $130 the MyQ Garage Door Opener lets you open and close your garage door on your smartphone anywhere you have service. You also have the ability to set custom alerts and monitor the open/closed status of your garage door. For instance, if your husband has a curfew and he misses it but you never know cause you’re sleep when he comes in.. the alert would tell you! LMAO

Installation only took me about 15 minutes. The instructions ask for you to screw a small bracket to your garage ceiling near a power outlet, but I’m lazy so I pulled it into an outlet on the side of the garage and set it on top of one of the garage shelves. Next you link your phone, your wireless network, and the garage opener to the base station, via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.I did find a few issues with that, but it eventually worked itself out.

I love being able to use my iPhone to open the garage door. It gives me the freedom to have it open already and not have to wait until I get close enough so I can pull right in. It’s also beneficial because I’ve left the garage door open on a number of occasions. This saves me from having get that “careless” speech when I return home! LOL My husband says “big brother” is taking over our house because everyday I have a new gadget that works with my phone, that’s his problem!

Pick up a Chamberlain MYQ Garage Door Opener for your home!

Would you pick up a MyQ for your house?