3 Things I Learned at #CES2014 Unveiled Press Event!

CES 2014 kicked off yesterday with the Unveiled event from members of the media. Unveiled is an official media event that is attended by more than 800 people in the industry getting a chance to look at the lastest in technology, gadgets, and more. Yesterday is was rather packed, so I think there might have been more! LOL Here are the 3 things I learned at Unveiled Event.


1. Wearable Tech is exploding!

In the last year we’ve seen brands really venture into the wearable tech rhelm in consumer electronics. From smart watches to health and fitness accessories apps with arms components are booming. One of the first exhibitors I came across is a company that made a jeweled wrist band that connects to an apps. After 2 weeks it learns your behaviors and tells you how to best help you skin. How dope is that for people looking to stop the aging process or just have better skin health.

2. Everybody wants Bluetooth Speakers!

At CES 2014 I won the Jawbone Jambox thanks to Qualcomm. This year I stopped by at least 5 booths with different bluetooth speakers to connect to your phone and “blast away”. I was impressed by the french based Supertooth speakers as they were loud, lightweight and came in a variety of colors. Marshall headphones also had huge bluetooth speakers that are meant to “beat your drum” to.


3. PCs are turning into Tablets… that actually works as PCs! LOL

Everybody knows prior to using my Surface, which I’m typing on now :-), I really did not have that much use for tablets, outside of reading. However, companies have started following consumers and have begun dropping more smaller machines that actually function as PCs. Last night I checked out Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Carbon X1 released for CES 2014. The Thinkpad Carbon X1 is a lightweight powerhouse that weighs on 2.8 pounds and comes with 9 hours of battery life. I got my hands on it last night and it really is small. Jesus wanted me to have it! LOL


Headed out to more events today. Have a tons of post lined up. Let me know what you want to see while I’m here.